Trust & Safety

(JUNE 2018)

We created this site to bring awesome people together so that they could create a positive impact in the world. Your safety is very important to us and although we would like to think that everyone that gets involved in this site is perfect the fact is life doesn’t always work that way so we created this page to give you a little guidance.


We do the best we can to make sure all our adverts and members are authentic but the truth is there is only so much that we can do. Please be vigilant and although this website is about awesome people doing great things always put your self first, always keep safe and just know that if something feels weird then it probably is. Go with your gut instinct but always back that up with your sensible head. Always research a person and their company thoroughly. Do not be alone with strangers in a secluded area, never give money to anyone and ALWAYS have contracts in place.


As an adult accept that your personal safety is your full responsibility. You are responsible for meeting all new people in public places during office hours and using your own judgement. You are responsible for making sure that legal contracts and written agreements are in place before any work or projects start. All these things can be put in place very easily.


Online Safety

Get Safe Online provides very useful online safety information for businesses and entrepreneurs, we advise you to have a full read:


The UK Safer Internet Centre provides online safety information as well. It is a UK site but the information is useful for everyone no matter your location:


We also advise you to look up internet safety on your local search engine to find any government approved internet safety information that is relative to your location.


Legal Contracts

Although we are a registered business located in the UK our website is global, our aim is to bring industry experts from around the world together so that they can work together and create an impact. It is important that you check the employment law and business contract laws of each country you are doing deals with. Please know that this is your responsibility as given in our terms and conditions.


Always use contracts and signed agreements before any paid or unpaid projects or work before moving forward. Make sure that both parties are covered and that all terms are agreed in full. Legal contracts can now be signed using digital signatures and services such as and


Hiring a legal team to create legal contracts can get expensive but they should be a non-negotiable part of any business deal or project you are involved in. A cheaper way to do this is to look on the internet for free templates that you can adapt and then hire a certified expert to look over it and make any final changes. You can hire people cost effectively via freelance websites such as or Remember that contracts must honour the laws of the countries the participants and the businesses reside in.


If you are worried or concerned about a members behaviour please do inform us immediately.